5 years on

Things are going well. Flow seems relatively normal. Sometimes my flow is poorer if i do not keep up my fluid uptake. Overall i am extremely pleased with the outcome as i have avoided any hospital visits in five years

New blog/website

I was contacted by a gentleman who is creating a new website/blog for his journey through urethroplasty. Unlike mine, his is a penile structure so a completely different process for him. I’ve linked in his website for information


I’m now four years on post urethroplasty and still feeling great

2 years on

Can’t believe it’s been almost two years since my urethroplasty. Everything is still absolutely fine. The pain in my testicles has finally disappeared. It took about 18 months. I had once incidence of urethritis which required some antibiotics. Other than that, I am so pleased I had the surgery. Anyone else thinking about urethroplasty, I would say go for it!

Update – April 2018

i went back to my consultant today due to the ache I have been having. Had a thorough examination including prostate and all is fine. Could be anxiety related. Could be nerve damage. I’m having a perinium uultrasound just to put my mind at rest. He said I will know if my stricture returns as I will experience all the symptoms I used to get before the urethroplasty


Have been having some strange feelings down below the past 4 or 5 days. I can only describe it as prostatitis to be honest (I suffered from this on occasions before my urethroplasty). An ache between my legs that I can feel inside. It seems to come on when I have been walking the dogs. I have had my scar checked by my partner and he says it looks normal. I have been experiencing some strange feelings inside my urethra almost like it is vibrating/spasming? My flow or frequency of urination hasn’t changed. Its just getting me a tad worried. I’m going to contact my GP tomorrow morning to see if I can get an appointment.


This will probably be my last post on here. Today I was discharged from Addenbrookes hospital. My one year follow up went great. My flow test was great and I emptied my bladder perfectly. Hope everyone else going through this journey has as good an outcome as I have



1 year aniversary!

  • 1A7ACA9D-B9FB-4DC7-BF27-FD18348AF2FC.jpegToday marked 1 year since my surgery. Things are going great. No issues whatsoever with passing urine or ejaculation. Still experience pain in my scrotum. I don’t think that’s going to get any better.

i have my 12 month check up 7th December. My initial appointment got cancelled twice. I guess I’m now non urgent so it seems feasible to move me about.

October 2017 – 11 months post op


The positives first!

i haven’t been on here for a while. I guess that’s a good thing! Next month I have my one year check up. Safe to say things still seem ok. Yes I still suffer with anxiety when the flow doesn’t seem as strong sometimes but I’ve learnt that this happens when I don’t drink much on a day or whether I have been sitting for a long time. I usually compare my stream with my partner when he passes urine and it seems exactly the same.

Now for the negatives!

The pain in my scrotum has never got any better. Sometimes it is very uncomfortable. The only way I can describe it is like the front of the scrotal sack is tight and a rubber band is around it.

I suffer from an ache from time to time on the underside of my penis near to my testicles. This is particularly noticible when I get an erection but once fully errect it doesn’t hurt.

My next post will be after the post op appointment with my consultant. Fingers crossed I will be discharged for good!

8 months post urethroplasty


So im now almost 8 months since the urethroplasty to repair my 2-2.5cm bulbur structure. I had non transecting anastomosis in which they cut down the structure vertically then joined the two healthy ends together. Things are excellent with my water works. Great to feel what ‘normal’ is. The only complaint is my scrotum still hurt at times. It has got better but I  still have parts that are numb with pins and needles at times. It’s hard to explain.

i have recently been talking to another chap who has a blog on his journey. Please check it out http://www.strictureblog.org.uk

feel free to contact me with any questions.

Good luck in your journey if you are about to undergo this surgery. It really is worth it in the long run



Thought I’d write a little bit today about anxiety. I still suffer with it now. I worry every day my stricture may return although I have had great results from the surgery. My flow has not been as good the last few days. I have experienced this before in my journey and it has returned back to normal. I do think its down to hydration and what you eat. Any change does worry me and I cannot stop thinking about it and it becomes a vicious circle. You almost dream up symptoms and start feeling them! I am really struggling this week.