Thought I’d write a little bit today about anxiety. I still suffer with it now. I worry every day my stricture may return although I have had great results from the surgery. My flow has not been as good the last few days. I have experienced this before in my journey and it has returned back to normal. I do think its down to hydration and what you eat. Any change does worry me and I cannot stop thinking about it and it becomes a vicious circle. You almost dream up symptoms and start feeling them! I am really struggling this week.

6 months gone

Thought I’d write a little updaate today! Things are just great! I went for a pee when I got up at 6am and  have just had my 2nd pee of the day at 1pm. Before the surgery I would have gone at least 4 times by now. The flow is excellent and I experience no stricture symptoms whatsoever!

Hope those reading this find comfort in knowing that these surgeries can be very successful!