8 months post urethroplasty


So im now almost 8 months since the urethroplasty to repair my 2-2.5cm bulbur structure. I had non transecting anastomosis in which they cut down the structure vertically then joined the two healthy ends together. Things are excellent with my water works. Great to feel what ‘normal’ is. The only complaint is my scrotum still hurt at times. It has got better but I  still have parts that are numb with pins and needles at times. It’s hard to explain.

i have recently been talking to another chap who has a blog on his journey. Please check it out http://www.strictureblog.org.uk

feel free to contact me with any questions.

Good luck in your journey if you are about to undergo this surgery. It really is worth it in the long run


6 thoughts on “8 months post urethroplasty

    1. It is exactly the same as it was at the 3 month post appointment. Although I don’t have an appointment until November I won’t know the exact measurements. At 3 months my flow averaged 22ml per second and displayed a very good bell shaped curve on the flow test which my consultant said was well above average.


  1. Congratulations! Please to hear it went well for you! I am having a nightmare post my stricture treatment, constantly uncomfortable.


  2. Lewis, my husband was scheduled to have urthroplasty on July 3 but cancelled it. He had a balloon dilation done July 10. I know it is not a cure but it has improved his urine flow. I know he will need surgery at some point as dr said dilation probably would last a month. My question is how bad in your lingering pain? Does it affect your daily life? I don’t care about the possible complications of ED and such but I am concerned about the scrotal pain which seems to linger so long.


    1. Hi there Susan. To be honest with you it has been worse the last couple of weeks but it does not affect my daily routines at all. It is just literally some numbness in one area of my scrotum. There is no real pain. I wish I got my urethroplasty done sooner when I was first referred around 5 years ago. I opted for a repeat urethrotomy which only worked for a few months. The results totally outweigh the post complications.


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