October 2017 – 11 months post op


The positives first!

i haven’t been on here for a while. I guess that’s a good thing! Next month I have my one year check up. Safe to say things still seem ok. Yes I still suffer with anxiety when the flow doesn’t seem as strong sometimes but I’ve learnt that this happens when I don’t drink much on a day or whether I have been sitting for a long time. I usually compare my stream with my partner when he passes urine and it seems exactly the same.

Now for the negatives!

The pain in my scrotum has never got any better. Sometimes it is very uncomfortable. The only way I can describe it is like the front of the scrotal sack is tight and a rubber band is around it.

I suffer from an ache from time to time on the underside of my penis near to my testicles. This is particularly noticible when I get an erection but once fully errect it doesn’t hurt.

My next post will be after the post op appointment with my consultant. Fingers crossed I will be discharged for good!