2 years on

Can’t believe it’s been almost two years since my urethroplasty. Everything is still absolutely fine. The pain in my testicles has finally disappeared. It took about 18 months. I had once incidence of urethritis which required some antibiotics. Other than that, I am so pleased I had the surgery. Anyone else thinking about urethroplasty, I would say go for it!

4 thoughts on “2 years on

  1. Glad to hear all is well I had buckle graft for a 3cm stricture in June no sure how successful it’s been, was like a hose at first but now it’s no where near as powerful I still pass around 150-250 ml each time but the flow is not as wide as it was the first 2 weeks after catheter removal I am hoping this is normal but worried I may still have some sort of structure. I wasn’t really advised of any follow up and my urologist has now retired.


    1. Hi Jamie, what you are experiencing is totally normal. If you read back on my blog, I covet this issue. I believe it is the urethra healing back to normal calibre following the catheter removal. I would be speaking to someone at the hospital as you should be having regular checkups for the first year. I had a check up every three months. This included a flow measurement, bladder scan and incision inspection


  2. How long was your structure? I had an urethroplasty in June 2018 for a bull bar stricture which was 2cm unfortunately It has failed as my stricture has returned flow started to slow down probably around a year after but never had any follow ups went for a urethrogram last month as symptoms became worse as after I urinate I get a lot of dribbling after It. I have not been given another appointment date yet so don’t know how long current stricture is am hoping they will redo the procedure as really don’t want to end up living the rest of my life with a catheter in I’m 37 so still really active


    1. Hello Jamie. Mine was around 2-2.5cm long. Similar to yours it was in the bulbar region of my urethra. I had a non-transecting urethroplasty. I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing a recurrence of your stricture. Was your urethroplasty done by a specialist surgeon who specialises in this type of surgery? Reason I ask is that I am surprised to hear that you had no follow up. Are you mixing up a urethroplasty with a urethrotomy perhaps? I had 3 urethrotomies and after a year the stricture always returned. A urethrotomy is where they insert a blade into your urethra and cut away the scar tissue. This is different to a urethroplasty in which they open you up in the perineum and remove the stricture through a graft or sewing the healthy ends together


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